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Windows 10, Office 2016

I have a sheet with mostly textual data (names), imported from a csv file that I prepared from a web based pdf containing genealogical data: names and dates. The dates I changed from format 5 may 1812 to 1812 05 05, in order to get sortable dates before in the 300 years before 1900. A lot of different functions were used for this as done many times before..
That was this summer.
Now I continued to normalise the names:
from (given name(s) preposition surnames) (1 column)
to (given name(s)) (preposition) (surnames) (3 columns)

Then came trouble: the functions used display their result in the function builder, but in the grid we see only the function definition. Formula's don't evaluate as well (I tested with simple addition of two cells.
Propagating formulas or function definitions down the colums is as if I was just copying the formulas

It was like a disease slowly spreading throug the sheet. At first a colum succeeded in function usage, but the next column only half. At this moment nothing goes

I have checked all options for functions and formula's, and everysthing is set all right.
I opened an old(er) file, and created a new one to try some functions ) and addition of 2 cells (all worked, propagation included))

What can be wrong with my genealogy sheet? Who has a clue?
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Hi LtB

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your problem with such clarity. It is quite a unique problem it seems.
Most likely your Excel file got corrupted. We recommend you open the Excel file on another machine or try to restore it from a backup if available. There can also be issues with calculation Issues or Formula calculation failures.

Providing an ultimate solution is hard without glancing at the file and being remote. Here's what you can try for re-calculation issues:
  • Go to Formulas > Calculation Options > Automatic.
  • You can also make Excel to recalculate formulas by pressing Ctrl+ALt+F9.

If it doesn't work, then it is better to copy the data to a new file and start working from there.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you; good luck.

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